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Best Movers Across the Country

Moving within the same locality seems quite easy to many. However, moving cross country is an entirely different scenario. It demands a lot more labor, patience, concentration and high co-ordination among all parties involved, including the mover you choose from the best movers across the country.


As a result, completing this task properly takes a certain level of expertise. That is why many families and individuals seek the help of professional movers to help them shift cross country.

However, picking the most suitable mover for you can be quite tricky. So we are here to help you make that decision by providing you with an insight into how to find the best cross country moving company.

Moving House Across State

Who to ask and where to look?

Your journey of finding the best cross country moving company begins with the simple step of searching. To land on the best options, you need to look for them in the right place! The source needs to be reliable and informative. That brings down your possible sources to mainly two broad categories:

Personal Recommendation

You can ask friends, family members, colleagues, and other trustworthy parties about their experiences with cross country movers. It is plausible that at least a few of them have had to make such moves and thus know a thing or two about it. This approach can also help you find someone in your locality to make the relocation process more efficient.

Online Research

The Internet has been a big help in the last few years for all of us. We have found new and more convenient ways to do things instead of going for the traditional methods. In the case of cross country moving as well, some online research can expose you to many more opportunities than just asking around. You can search for terms like “cross country moving company” on Google and land on many such companies in your area.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing from the Best Movers Across the Country

If you have shortlisted the most deserving candidates of cross country movers, now it is time to measure which one stands out and helps your causes the most. One way to reach this decision would be to find out their capabilities in the following aspects:

Attention to Details

Precision matters a lot in moving cross country. Especially in terms of dates related to pick-up and delivery, since all other plans are made according to these dates.

Besides, the movers must handle every item with the utmost care and attention to avoid any mishap. They should understand how each of those household items plays a significant role in building the overall atmosphere at your house. If you have any special piece in your interior collection like the piano or something delicate like the chandelier, none of them should suffer any damage because of negligence.


It is very important to maintain proper coordination between all the movers. They must work as a team and distribute the workload among themselves to reach the highest efficiency.

Their responsibilities will include decluttering the items in your previous house and organizing them into separate boxes for several purposes.

They also need to work with the cleaning crew and the interior designers to complete the moving process. This can reach their peak productivity only if all involved members coordinate their tasks appropriately.

Verified Customer Reviews

Verified Customer reviews are the best way to know about a moving company’s service quality. Of course, these reviews are not as easy to find as any e-commerce feedback thread.

You need to go on the official websites of these companies and see if they have a feedback section.

There are also many third-party platforms dedicated to finding out the truth and bringing you raw customer reviews of moving companies.

Customer Service

Customer service is extremely important for almost any kind of service provider. You can run into issues any time and may need to seek help from the appropriate support personnel.

If the company cannot give you the guarantee that they will come forward in your troubles and put the right people at work to solve them, it is not worth checking out.

License and Insurance

This is a debatable point because some customers believe these are not so important for a moving company, while others choose to differ.

A licensed and insured company guarantees much better service since they need to go through financial compensation otherwise.

For the same reason, they usually charge a little higher than other companies.

The unlicensed and uninsured moving companies, on the other hand, come at much cheaper rates, but don’t quite give you the confidence boost in terms of quality.

So depending on which factor matters more to you – quality or price – make your choice of the right moving company.

Be sure to check out the company’s legitimacy before hiring them or making any payment to them.

It is easy to get fooled since both the fraudulent and the legitimate moving companies can have a lively website online.

One way to spot the fake ones is not finding any physical address. If you don’t see a physical address of those companies in the contact section, it should serve as a red flag.

Avoid these scam sites and follow our footsteps to find the best movers across the country for yourself. 

Choose from the 10 Best Movers Across the Country

Now it’s time you get the cheapest quotes from the best movers across the country.

The final step is to find a moving company with reliable, affordable, and punctual services. With an abundance of movers across the country online, finding the right one can seem like an intimidating task.

choose from the top 10 best cross country moving companies


How to choose cross-country movers you can trust and depend on

Every year, around 40 million Americans move at least once. That’s approximately 14% of the country’s population!

Needless to say, Americans love to put down roots in multiple places. Chances are, you’re one of these people and have a relocation coming up. Regardless of the distance, it can be difficult to do it all on your own, so you might be looking for the best cross-country moving companies around.

In this article, we’ll show you how to choose cross-country movers you can trust and depend on. We’ll also answer other vital questions you may have about moving so you’ll be prepared for moving day.

Start by Asking Your Family and Friends for Recommendations on Moving Companies They’ve Used Previously

One of the best things you can do to start your search for moving companies is to ask your family, friends, and even coworkers for recommendations. It’s highly likely that they’ve moved at some point in their lives. This means they’ll probably have experience working with at least 1 or 2 professional moving companies.

92% of consumers say they trust personal recommendations from loved ones above all other types of advertising. This should show you the importance of these resources for cross-country moving!

These are the people who are nearest and dearest to you, which means they only want the best for you. They won’t have a personal stake in the moving companies. As a result, they’ll be able to provide you with honest opinions, including both the good and the bad.

Speaking with people in your social circle also enables you to ask all the questions you want. This can give you better peace of mind. You’ll be able to get down to the granular details when it comes to the best cross-country moving companies around.

Another perk of asking family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations is you might be able to get discounts. All you have to do is mention you’re a referral. So not only would you get the best companies to work with, but you’ll also get cost-savings!

Perform an Online Search and Take a Look at All Their Reviews From Previous Customers

Now you have a nice list of the best cross-country moving companies from your social circle. The next thing to do is go online to check out more local moving companies. When it comes to moving day, you want to work with someone nearby, such as a New York business if you’re in that state.

All the moving companies given to you by your social circle are vetted, which means it’s a nice place to start. But you should also do your own online research to expand your choices.

Thankfully, the internet makes it very easy to perform research for your cross-country moving experience. All you have to do search a term like “best moving companies near me” and it’ll instantly generate a bunch of results for you.

On the search engine results pages (SERPs), you can then check out each professional moving company. Google is a great search engine to use.

It compiles information like customer reviews, business hours, and contact information in a convenient way. This service is called Google My Business and most (if not all) businesses in the country participate in this directory.

Rearrange Your Shortlist for Cross-Country Moving Companies Based on the Customer Reviews You See

Take a look at the results you get and see if any overlap with the recommendations you’ve received earlier. If the customer reviews are excellent, then you should place those companies at the top of your shortlist.

On the other hand, if recent reviews are terrible, you’ll want to cross off these moving companies from your list. It may be that your friends have had good experiences with them, but that it was over a decade ago.

A lot can change within a short period of time, especially if the companies have changed hands for management. So don’t be surprised if some moving company recommendations aren’t currently up to scratch.

For those that you move up on your list, remember to take a closer look at them later by using the criteria on our list. Otherwise, start sifting through your choices for the best options when it comes to your cross-country moving appointment.

Take a Look at the Services These Professional Moving Companies Offer to See If They Suit Your Needs

Not all cross-country moving companies are made equally. While they’ll certainly help you on your moving day to transport your belongings to your desired destination, there are different tiers of services.

For example, there are many that offer packing services. They’ll also load and unload all your boxes, and some will even unpack your belongings once they’re across the country. As you can see, it’s possible to not lift a finger with full-service moving services.

This is why it’s important for you to take a look at their services page. You need to make sure the moving companies can perform the services you need. Otherwise, you can choose one of the best companies but still be disappointed because they don’t offer what you need, such as full-service moving.

This can be a good chance for you to further rearrange your shortlist of moving companies you want to speak with.

Choose a Professional Moving Company That Has the Right Insurance to Protect All Your Belongings

You’re pretty much moving your whole life with you, so you need to make sure all your treasured possessions will be protected in the move. Of course, the best moving companies will be able to transport them in the best ways possible to ensure they arrive without a scratch, but unfortunately, things do happen.

Should your belongings get damaged while in transit, then you’ll want to ensure you get fully reimbursed for it. For this, there’s insurance.

By law, professional moving companies must carry certain 2 types of insurance policies: released value and full value protection. Make sure the companies you’re speaking to have these policies, or else they’re not operating legally.

In addition, you’ll want to see if 

Lastly, if you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, these policies will offer coverage while your belongings while they’re in storage, in transit, or at your home (either the old or new one). The only thing they won’t cover is damage done when movers directly handle your possessions, so if you want these services, make sure the company covers this type of damage.

Always Make Sure to Get a Moving Quote Before You Commit to a Particular Professional Moving Company

Some professional moving companies will be transparent about their prices and will list them on their website. Others will tell you to get in touch with them for a moving quote, as prices may differ slightly based on your specific needs.

Any reputable and professional moving company will offer free moving quotes so their customers are 100% comfortable with what they have to pay before they fully commit to one mover. If you happen upon any moving companies that want you to pay for a quote, you should take this as a red flag.

It’s always a good idea to obtain quotes from every company you’re interested in. Since they’re free, there’s no harm in gathering these up. Once you’ve gotten a response from all companies, you can then compare the prices.

When you have a big picture of how much each professional moving company is charging, then it’ll be easier to see which ones are price gouging. For example, if you only have 2 quotes, you may not be so sure if one is ultra-cheap or the other is super-expensive.

By taking the time to get moving quotes from every business, you’ll be able to instantly see the companies on both ends of the extremes. It’s probably best to stick with those who are in the middle, as they’ll have reasonable prices and will offer high-quality services without compromise.

You’ll also want to make sure these are binding estimates. Otherwise, some less reputable cross-country moving companies might try to raise the prices on you after they’ve already performed their moving services.

At this point, it’ll be too late and you’ll have no choice but to pay them. Avoid this hassle by asking upfront if the estimates are binding or not. The best cross-country moving companies will have no problem confirming that the final price will be very close to the quote they gave you.

How to Do Cross-Country Moving Cheaply so You Stay Within Your Budget and Save Money

Whether you’ve moved once or tens of times in your life, there are always ways you can do moving across the country for cheaper. That way, you can save your money for the other more important parts of your relocation.

Here are some ways to do cross-country moving so you can have more money left over in your bank account.

Book With the Cross-Country Moving Company of Your Choice as Early as Possible for the Lowest Prices

Moving can be hard to plan and coordinate. But you shouldn’t wait until the last second to book a cross-country moving company. This is especially true if you’re planning on moving during a time where many others are doing the same.

For example, many snowbirds move cross-country in the winter, so if you’re going the same direction as they are, then moving will be much more expensive. In addition, moving companies will be fully booked up, so you may struggle to find a moving slot that’s suitable for you.

Even before you have a set moving date, you should start following all the steps we’ve laid out for you in the above sections. That way, by the time you know exactly when you’re moving, you can go ahead with calling all the cross-country movers that are left on your shortlist.

Try and Move During Off-Peak Seasons If You’re Flexible With Your Moving Date Across the Country

You might have a strict cross-country moving date if you’re moving for something like school or work. In that case, you won’t be able to take the advice from this section. But if you’re moving just to get a change of scenery, then you’re probably a lot more flexible with your moving date.

If this is your situation, we highly recommend you wait until it’s the off-peak times to start moving. Moving across the country can be stressful enough. By choosing off-peak moving times, you’ll be able to relocate to another part of the country with fewer expenses and anxiety.

Make Sure You Choose the Best Cross-Country Movers for the Smoothest and Easiest Move Possible

If you want to have an easier time in your moving experience, then getting the best cross-country movers is a must. Whether you just want them to transport your belongings or you need full-service moving, it’s vital that you take the time to do your research, speak with a few companies, and make your decision based on that.

For this reason, it’s best to start as early as possible. When you have more time to investigate and properly speak to all the cross-country moving companies you’re interested in, then you won’t feel rushed to find the right company within a short span of time.

Hopefully, with the tips in this article, you’ll be able to find the best cross-country moving company that’s right for your needs and budget. Good luck!

Are you ready to find the best cross-country moving companies around in New York? Then start by getting free quotes based on your starting state.

The Gentle Moving

The Gentle Moving Company is one of the best movers across the country which specializes in quickly connecting customers with movers in their area for a timely and affordable move. The company offers free quotes on relocation services nationwide. Information and quotes are available for auto transport companies, long distance moving companies, and storage facilities.

The Gentle Moving Company only connects customers with pre-screened relocation service providers that comply with State and Federal regulations. Before the move, customers can personally review each of the options to help make their final decision. Customers can move carefree knowing that their belongings are in the hands of credible relocation providers.

Committed to providing the most exceptional moving services, The Gentle Moving Company offers quick, easy, and affordable relocation services to fit a variety of needs.


  • Certified moving services
  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • Nationwide movers available


  • Only handles interstate Moves, No Local Moves Services

Arpin Van Line

Another reliable and highly rated among the best movers across the country is Arpin Van Lines. This U.S.-based and family-owned moving company has been around for over a century.

This moving company is devoted to creating a customer-centric moving experience, which they’ve proven with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With 600 nationwide service agents, Arpin can assist with your household, military, or corporate relocation and storage service needs.

This company offers customer-specific services including on-time pick-up and delivery, guaranteed cost estimates, de-cluttering services, green moving, and a veterans program. The Arpin Advantage ensures that customers’ belongings reach their destination hassle-free and offer services to help before, during, and after the move.


  • Certified moving services
  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • Nationwide movers available


  • Some complaints of damaged belongings

Moving Relocation

The Moving Relocation company, one of the best movers across the country, located in Florida, offers free, secure, and confidential moving quotes with no obligation. Customers can easily compare companies and prices in less than one minute. Moving Relocation has over 20 years of experience working with pre-screened, qualified relocation service companies.

The company was created by two former moving specialists with hands-on experience. They have an exceptional ability to connect customers with moving services for every situation, budget, and timeframe. The company offers a useful “Ready to Move” checklist that covers every phase of the moving process.


  • Secure online connection
  • Helpful customer resources
  • Free, no-obligation quotes


  • Doesn’t Provide Service For Small Shipments

FlatRate Moving

FlatRate is a New York-based moving company that offers customers comprehensive relocation services at one guaranteed price. This company specializes in big-city moves and is familiar with all the details involved in moving to and from specific types of buildings.

This company thinks of everything from bringing extra boxes to protecting the floors. FlatRate’s state-of-the-art storage facilities will protect even your most valuable possessions during the move. This company can also help you with a move abroad, providing services to move you anywhere in the world. For those who move often, a loyalty club rewards card is available to give you a discount on your next moving package.

FlatRate Moving is the first-choice company for military families, United Nations diplomats, and government administration services cross the world. FlatRate is number four in our list of the best movers across the country.


  • Luxury moving services
  • Modern storage facilities
  • Expertise in big-city moves


  • Services tend to be more expensive than the competition

United Van Lines

Whether you’re moving locally, long distance, or internationally, United Van Lines has moving and storage solutions to fit every need. Known for extraordinary customer service this company has the most agents nationwide and the lowest number of complaints.

United can also transport your vehicle to another location in the country. Their website offers useful checklists, moving guides, tips, and tools to help customers relocate problem-free. United Van Lines provides a range of options from full-service to DIY moving and storage and everything in between.

The company also offers customers special offers such as free home security systems, appliance discounts, and rebates on renters insurance. If you’re moving internationally, United can even help manage the visa and immigration process for you. This company can be one of the best movers across the country for you to choose from.


  • Better safety standards
  • Fewest complaints by customers
  • Most agents of any moving company


  • No online quotes
  • No service in Hawaii


Although the smallest company on the list, Wheaton Worldwide Moving offers reliable and affordable services for household, corporate, government, international, commercial, and specialty moves. With over 70 years of experience, Wheaton is the fourth largest van line moving service in the country. Customers can expect a friendly and experienced crew to pay close attention to detail and deliver exceptional customer service. This company services 95% of the nation.

Wheaton works with unaffiliated companies to service customer in Maine, Nevada, or Wyoming. Moving in the off-season, September to April, can qualify customers for a $150 discount with Wheaton’s Moving Performance Program. The company works with ELS (Essential FF&E Project Management) to ensure quality transportation of fragile and valuable items. Customers can also purchase moving supplies or take advantage of the company’s packaging services. We’ve put this at number six at our list among the best cross country moving countries.


  • Online estimates
  • Very few customer complaints


  • Smallest agent network in the nation
  • Coordination with unaffiliated companies in Maine, Nevada, and Wyoming

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines is one of the largest household movers in the nation. Customers can easily navigate the online tools to narrow down movers by zip code and state. Call the company to speak directly to an Atlas agent, who can answer specific and detailed questions regarding moving and storage solutions. Local, long distance, military, government, and small moves are all possible with Atlas Van Lines.

The company offers car transport, packing services, moving supplies, furniture movers, and transportation of unique items. Although second in size to United Van Lines, Atlas is proud to be ProMover certified, considered to be the highest rating by the American Moving and Storage Association. Online estimates are available, but customers also have the option to book an appointment directly, speak with a representative on the phone, or leave contact details and wait for an agent to call back. This is number seven among the best movers across the country.


  • Excellent service standards
  • Speak directly with an agent
  • Online filter tool helps find local movers


  • No service in Rhode Island or Nevada


Instead of a moving truck, you may consider a container for your move. PODS, one of the best moving container companies in the nation, provides containers in three different sizes, (7’x8’, 12’x8’, 16’x8′). The containers are rented on a monthly basis, which gives you plenty of time to load and unpack. Containers are stored either in the customer’s driveway, at a PODS storage facility, or moved cross the country.

This company can cater to local, cross-country, commercial, and military moves. Military families receive access to exclusive discounts and services. Customers can choose to load and pack themselves or have a professional take over. Their state-of-the-art Podzilla® moving machine ensures that your belongings are transported securely. The online moving and storage calculator tool help customers choose the appropriate container size. This is placed at number eight among the best movers across the country.


  • Monthly rentals available
  • Ramp-free


  • No service in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming


U-Pack is another container moving company with services available in almost every state. However, customers only have three days to pack and three days to unpack the container. If you’re prepared for a fast move, U-Pack can help you stay within a tight budget. Services include door-to-door delivery, guaranteed transit, and storage options. Customers have peace of mind knowing that 99% of the company’s 2017 moves were claim-free.

In contrast to other container moving companies, U-Pack only charges for the number of units you need, regardless of weight. The rates are comparable to those of rental trucks, with a transit time of only two to five business days. Containers are available in two different sizes, the standard 6’x7’x8’ “Relocube,” or a 28’x8’x9’ ramp container. U-Pack is ideal for cross-country, long distance, door-to-door, military, college, small, and self-catering moves. U-Pack is placed at ninth position among the best cross country movers in USA.


  • Insurance and shipment tracking included
  • Fast moves possible
  • Helpful resources


  • Limited to 3-day load/unload time
  • No service in Delaware


If reliability is your number one concern, Bekins offers customers ultimate peace of mind during a move. Their advanced GPS system allows customers to track their belongings throughout the moving process. Additionally, their customer service department adheres to high standards, attending to customers’ every need. With over 125 years of experience, Bekins services 95% of the country.

Prices are primarily dependent on the weight of the items being moved as well as the distance. Customers can obtain an instant ballpark estimate online or request a free in-home estimate. Special packing services are available for fragile items, sensitive electronics, and full-service needs.

With Bekins, you can choose from a wide variety of storage solutions as well as packaging materials. Bekins can cater to all types of different moves including household, international, government, military, commercial, and specialized. The company even handles employee relocation. This is ranked 10th in the list of the best cross country movers.


  • Affordable moving supplies
  • Discounts during the off-season
  • Online quotes


  • Fewer moving features available