How to pack your Shoes for Moving

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Each and every moving removal requires you to pack your item. This includes items in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and any other room in your home. This is a very tricky task, especially when you think about how many items there are in one room alone for moving. Let us consider the bedroom: there is the bed, any cabinets or dressing tables and the wardrobe and anything that is in these items. This includes shoes and clothes, which we have a lot of (especially if you are a female). Packing shoes is often considered one of the most difficult tasks of them all, not only because we have a lot of them (and it clearly does not help that they come in pairs) but also due to their shapes and sizes which makes them awkward to pack as opposed to clothes than can be folded into rectangular shapes to fit into a box or suitcase to carry with while moving.

The first thing to do – de-clutter!

So how exactly do you go about packing shoes in time for a removal? This article aims to answer this question whilst giving you lots of little hints and tips that should help you get the moving job done in no time!

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The first thing to do – de-clutter! We all have shoes that we bought whilst our brain cells were on strike. We all have those shoes we have never worn, wanted or even liked, not worth moving. Buying shoes is an impulse (especially to women) and you may end up realising that you have some hideous shoes that you would never wear. Well this is the perfect time to get rid of them, because now you are moving. Gift them to someone you know would appreciate and wear them, or simply give them to charity. If you wish to make a few quid out of your unwanted shoes then go for the selling option. Thanks to the advances of technology, selling your unwanted items is now a doddle! There are a handful of reselling service provider companies online.

Once you have decided on the shoes that are making the move with you

Once you have decided on the shoes that are making the move with you, it is time to wrap them up. Yes that is right – the perfect way to start packing shoes is by wrapping them in paper. This can be plain paper, unused or old wrapping paper or left over newspaper. This protects the exterior of the shoe from becoming dirty or damaged. This is crucial, especially if you are going to be packing a combination of flat and high heeled shoes.

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This brings me to the second most important point. Do not use black bags or other garbage bags to pack your shoes. These are more likely to rip (once again if you are going to be packing heeled shoes) and do not provide your shoes with any protection. And that would cause a great hassle at the time of your moving.

Shoes should always be packed into cardboard boxes

Shoes should always be packed into cardboard boxes, but do not just “chuck” them into the box. Try and be as neat as you can and give your shoes the TLC that they need. Shoes cost a lot of money, so we want to make the most of them for as long as possible. It would be a shame to have to throw away a pair of shoes because they were not packed together and therefore became damaged.

If possible, try packing high heel and flat shoes in separate boxes. Heels are likely to dig into flat shoes and damage them (even if you wrap them up well they could pierce the paper and be revealed).

By following these hints and tips, you will be able to move homes without having to worry about heels snapping off of shoes or losing the diamond studs on your favourite pair of clubbing shoes.

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