Tips on Moving with Children

We have to admit the majority of people in the world are not very keen on changes. It goes even doubly so when it comes to kids, as a change of such a magnitude as a complete move to a new location is one huge change between the familiar and the unknown. Kids will usually feel quite anxious when something like this occurs. The following article aims to help you deal with the situation in a stress-free fashion by providing you with some tips:

Be straight with them

moving with children_1
As soon as you know where you’ll be relocating, you should tell your kids about it. There is no sense in postponing it until a later date to ease the pressure, as they will feel even more on edge if you do so. They will also need to make their own plans according to what is coming ahead of moving.

Consider their wants and needs

Talk to them, check what interesting attractions and things of interest exist at the new location where you’ll live. Check these out and make a list of museums, parks and other interesting places they might enjoy at the new town or city.

Pay attention to their hobbies

Part of being a good parent is knowing your kid’s needs and interests. If your child has a favorite hobby, make sure you do a bit of research so you’ll find a place where they can practice it. Swimming, chess, arts and crafts, sports in general or board games – whatever it is your kid loves doing, make sure you find a place for them to do it after relocating.

Decide on schools before the move

moving with children_2School is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life, so make sure you research what schools are available and close by the area you moved. Contact the schools ahead of time, plan on touring them if you can so you’ll get a better sense of what they have to offer.

Help them downsize their belongings

Only if they need to of course, but they may have to part with some belongings if you are moving into a smaller home. If you have more than one kid and they need to share rooms, they will need to accommodate for it somehow. You should let them know and when that happens, have them donate what they don’t need to a charity, teaching them to be more altruistic in the process. Sharing is caring, right?

Allow your kids to say goodbye

moving with children_3Your child will have friends, teachers and many other people they will want to say goodbye to in most places before relocating. Ensure they have the chance to do that by talking to them and/or informing their closest friends about the change. You could even organize a farewell party so they’ll have a chance to put a closure to this chapter in their life in a more fun way.

Let them help with the packing

Having them help you with the packing process and their favorite items will let them be involved and connected to what is happening. Let them bring along some interesting activities for the trip to the new destination, such as games, books and anything else they have fun with. Regardless of the method of transportation, they will need some entertainment.

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