Garden plants

plants guide: garden plants

– Before removing established plants from your garden. Make sure with your buyers that this is okay and if preferably have your solicitor mention this in your contract. There has been many an occasion when a buyer has turned up at their new house expecting to see the beautiful garden in full bloom only to find that its a mud bath and they are not usually very happy. The plants in your garden are classed within the fixtures and fittings list that you provide to your buyers before exchange, so if you do intend digging up your garden or even just one or two plants, do clarify this with your purchasers to avoid undue heartache and stress on moving day for yourself and the other party. – Before moving day. Make cuttings ( these could take a couple of months to root ). and restrict the growth of climbing plants by pruning them, but only if it is the correct time of year to do so. Try and cut off any pieces which might break off or cause a problem in the move. Before the day of the removal move all outside plants and furniture into a dry area like the garage so that they can dry out and stay dry for moving day. Dont forget that all your garden furniture and plants are placed onto the van with your house furniture, you dont want them to be wet and dripping all over your other items.

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