pets moving guide: reptiles

REPTILES If you are going to ship a venomous snake, it must be placed inside two sturdy boxes or a box inside a wooden crate. With non-venomous ones only one box is needed. Be sure the containers are well insulated and contain air holes for ventilation and are clearly marked with both the common and scientific name of the species. If you are transporting your snake in your car, be sure not to leave it in the car overnight. Take it into the hotel room (be sure they allow pets), and let it soak for about an hour in the tub. (You will have to take turns.) The easiest pet to move is a turtle, which can be overnight expressed in a well cushioned, insulated box with air holes. American Tortoise Rescue (, a nonprofit organization founded to provide for the rescue of turtles and tortoises, recommends using overnight mail. Be sure to write “Fragile, Live Cargo” and “this side up” on the outside of the box to increase the chances of a softer ride. You can also place leaves or grass inside the container for added cushion and to give the box a more homey environment. Remember to keep the surroundings of all reptiles moist but not wet. Dampening a cloth and placing it inside the container is the best approach.

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