pets guide: moving your fish

FISH: If you have a small number of fish and are moving only a short distance, you can move them to their new location by using plastic bags half filled with water and the other half with air. Place the bags in an insulated container such as an ice chest or Styrofoam container to help maintain a steady temperature. For a larger number of fish or for transporting over a greater distance, 5-10 gallon plastic containers can be used. First, fill them with water (either salt or fresh water, depending on the type of fish) and change the water often to remove any toxins that might leach from the plastic. On moving day fill the containers half full with water and place the fish in the water, about 1-2 fish per gallon. If your trip is going to take more than a couple of days, its best to invest in some portable aerators to keep the water well oxygenated. Do not keep the containers in the car overnight since the drop in temperature is likely to be too severe.

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