How to pack up your bedroom belongings

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When you are going through the packing stage of your removal, you can find yourself confused and knee deep in cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. The trick is to pack all the belongings according to the room that they belong to. This means that all the items belonging in the kitchen should be packed at once before the belongings of any other room are touched.
One of the rooms that is always well furnished and has contains many items is the bedroom. Depending on how many bedrooms you have, you may need longer than others.

This article aims to help you if you are not entirely sure of how to start packing the belongings in your bedroom. It aims to offer a few little hints here and there which should make the task of packing a little simpler and quicker.
The first thing you need to do is pick a corner to start. It is always best to do this and then work your way clockwise around the room. Whilst some people like to pack smaller items away first, others want to get the larger items packed away first before touching all the little particulars. Decide which order you are going to do your packing in, and ensure that you have many different boxes at the ready.
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If you have a dressing table, it may be wise to pack all of the items kept in and on the dressing table first. Use appropriately sized boxes i.e. small boxes for make up etc. Remove all items and gently place them into the appropriate boxes. Be sure to empty all the draws and take everything off of any shelves that you may have.
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Ornaments and decorative object such as statues or vases should be wrapped up in bubble or protective wrap before being packed away, especially if they are made of glass, porcelain or china. This is going to keep them well protected and will prevent them from breaking during any stage of the removal.
Your clothes may be the hardest thing to pack, not because of their shape or size, but mainly since you may have a lot of them. Remember that this is the perfect time to get rid of your unwanted clothes. This may be harder for females than males since we love to keep a hold of all of our clothes, no matter how old, small or tattered. Seriously, get rid of anything that does not fit or tickle your fancy anymore. It is going to make the task of packing AND unpacking a lot easier for you and will also help you save a lot of space in your new wardrobe.

Your bedding and linen can be packed into cardboard boxes. Alternatively, you may choose to use your bedding and linen to fill in any gaps and crevices that you may find once all of the boxes have been loaded onto the removal vehicle.
If you are taking your wardrobe, bed or any other large items of furniture with you, you have two options. The first option is to load the furniture onto the truck as it is in one piece. On the other hand, you have the option of dismantling your items and loading them onto the truck as individual pieces. If you do decide to dismantle your furniture, always ensure that nuts, screws and nails are kept safe and together. If you have instruction manuals, always keep them with you so that you know how to put the piece of furniture back together.

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