Get a Quote Before You Move!

When you need to move one of the first things you need to get, in order to find the right movers, is a quote for moving the item or items that you need transported from one location to the other.  This often means either spending time on the internet, reviewing movers in your area and filling out online forms to get the quote, or it means going through the phonebook and making phone calls to movers in your area to get the quote.  Finding the right mover depends a lot on the size of the items you are moving and what you need to move.  For example, if you have just one large item, such as a piano, there are movers who specialize in that, use special equipment and can give you a specialized quote.  However, if you are moving an entire house or apartment, there are movers who specialize in that and can give you a quote on those services.

The moving company that you want depends on the nature of your move and the movers, to give you a proper quote, will want to have as much information as you can give about the nature of your move.  For example, movers often base their quotes on the number of rooms that need to be moved and will need to know that information up front.  Most movers, when you call or email them to get a quote, will want to have some idea of how much furniture you have and the size of the furniture that is being moved.  Do you have a particularly large television?  Do you have a desk that his particularly heavy or difficult to move?  Do you expect to have a larger than normal amount of boxes to move?

In order to find the best movers for the job you have in mind, it is best, at this point, to be as honest as you can with them.  If a mover shows up and finds that you have special items that require special handling, this can truly affect the final price of your move and it may mean that the price you end up paying is much more than what was initially quoted.  Be honest about the furniture and items that you have to move and you can get the most accurate quote and be happy with the mover you chose.

So, remember to be honest and upfront when you moving.  In the end, your budget can depend on whether or not the movers have the best and most accurate information to give you the best quote for moving that they can.

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