Long Distance Moving Companies

Long distance moving companies  are companies providing services between states, also called interstate moving comapnies, for example even if the distance is only few miles but the mover will pick up and delivery in different states it will fall into the category of a long distance Move. Most of the long distance Movers will provide full service moves which include packing, unpacking,  dissemble and resembling services as well as pick up and delivery times frames

All long Distance moving companies must be license by DOT – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


All Movers in movingcompaniesusa.net  network have already been checked.


All long distance movers must provide inventory list of everything that is loaded to the truck on the day of pick up. The inventory list should describe all of your items that are on the  truck and the conditions (example: scratched, packed by owner or by mover, etc)  the purpose of this is to make record of condition of each item and proof loaded to truck make sure you get a copy of your inventory and read it carefully to make sure every thing is listed.


Long distance movers charges


Space reservation or volume charges ( also called by the cubic feet )


Charge will be based on volume and actually space occupied by customer shipment on the pick up day.


For example if you were charge $4 per cubic feet and your shipment hold 500 cubic feet you will need to pay $2000 for transportation.


Remember additional charge may occur such as packing unpacking long carry shuttle service ext, make sure to discuss with your mover and get in writing what the price per cube will include.


Long distance moving companies charge by weight


If charges is based upon weight of the shipment .the movers will weight your shipment .

Origin weighing -the mover will weight the truck before coming to your residence and its called tare weight. After loading your shipment on the truck mover will weight again to obtain the loaded weight called gross weight .the net weight of your shipment is then obtained by subtracting the tare weight from gross weight.

For example mover quote $0.50 per pond as transportation charge.

Tare weight 15000 pound origin weighing

Gross weight 21000 pound after loading the truck

Net weight 6000 pound x $0.50 =$3000

That will be your transportation charge.


Each time the truck is weighing the mover require to keep weight ticket the date and place of weighing and be able to provide this tickets to the customer.

Mover will notify charges to customer at least 24 hours weekday prior to the delivery.


The destination of which plane to go if by space or by weight its up to the customer discuss with the moving companies all your option based on every one unique need.


We recommend to get about 3 moving estimates to compare.

Make sure to get all estimates in writing  read it careful and make sure all services you will need are included in your moving estimate.


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