Moving Quotes

Moving does not have to be a huge hassle, and, in fact, if you get some help with your moving and have a company help you during the process, the entire transition can be one that is actually very smooth. But what type of information can you expect to receive from moving quotes?

Get quotes from different moving companies

Once you know you’re going to be moving, and have some idea of when you’re going to be moving, it’s a good idea to get some moving quotes from different moving companies. Moving companies will give you a quote based on one of two things: the weight that they’re going to be moving or the amount of time that it is going to take. But how do they come up with this information? It depends on how close in proximity you are to one of their offices. If you live fairly close they will likely visit your home in order to give you a very accurate moving quote. If, however, you are going to be requiring a long distance moving company, you will likely have to send photos of the rooms in your home to the moving company to get an accurate quote.

Get moving quotes for both hourly and on the weight basis!

The moving quote that you receive is not written in stone. If the moving company arrives at your home and finds that there is much more work than anticipated, they should inform you before the move starts that there will be an increased price. If you have a lot of larger items to move, try finding a moving company who works on an hourly rate, rather than one who bases their moving quotes on the weight of the items that they have to move, as it will likely save you a lot of money.  Long Distance Moving Companies will charge by the Cubic Feet (the volume and size of your move) or by weight.  Ask your mover which method they use or discuss getting a binding price.  All Moving Quotes must be attached with an inventory list and a detailed explanation of moving services required by consumer.  If for an reason additional services will be required on the moving day or at delivery destination (such as: long carry, shuttle service, stairs, etc) mover has the right and may  to charge additional fees to the moving quote.