Moving Do’s & Dont’s

DO start your moving as early as you can. When you find out that you’re going to be moving, start packing! You can pack little bits at a time. Take all of those things that you’re not currently using, like last season’s clothing, and get them packed away. Every little bit you pack will help.

DON’T hold onto things that you really don’t need. We tend to amass a great deal of things that we honestly don’t need, and moving is the perfect time to get a little spring cleaning done. If you’re not going to be using something within the next six months you would do best to either throw it away or donate it.

DO get some help. Even if you’re going to be hiring a moving company, having friends and family help you can make the moving process much faster and easier, and much more enjoyable as well!

DON’T try to move something that you simply can’t. Lots of people are trying to save money now, but if you try to move a large object that is far too heavy for you, you may wind up injuring yourself. If you have larger objects to move, always look to moving experts for help.

DO be on-hand during moving day. You know from the moving estimate that you got that your movers are some of the best, but you should always be present when it’s time to get everything packed up!

DON’T assume that everything will arrive unbroken. Accidents happen every day, so look into purchasing moving insurance to protect your belongings.

DO pack a small emergency kit. This emergency kit should have things like a change of clothing, pajamas, toiletries, and small snacks just in case the moving company is unable to get to your home at the time they are expected to.

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