Moving Companies: 5 Rules You Must Know

Most moving companies are run by people who are very honest, but it is a good idea to know a few rules before you look for quotes for moving from any moving company.

Rule 1: There should be no fees to hold your reservation. Some moving companies ask for a fee to hold the reservation – this is generally not something a reputable moving company will ask for.

Rule 2: Tips are not included in the cost your are going to pay the moving company. It is always good to tip your movers if they did a good job, but that tipping amount is not included in the base cost of moving. Plan on paying at least a 15% tip to your movers.

Rule 3: Insurance should be offered by the moving companies. While you don’t have to accept it, and in fact may want to get your own separate insurance, any reputable moving company will offer insurance for you to purchase. Be clear when you get quotes from the moving company you’re going to hire.

Rule 4: Read reviews. Any good company, and bad companies, including moving companies, will be reviewed online somewhere, so it is always a good idea to read the reviews of a company before you hire them. This way you’ll get a very good idea of exactly how your hired moving company works.

Rule 5: Watch the rates the moving companies offer. Some moving companies give their moving quotes based on hours, others based on weight. It is best to look for a moving company who charges based on the hour rather than the weight, especially if you have a lot of larger items like furniture.

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