How a floor plan can save you time when relocating?

Making a floor plan of your new home is not something you might think of initially when planning your move, but it can be a great help in speeding up the unpacking, as well as making sure you get full use from your removal company. If done in tandem with organized packing, having a floor plan can take the stress and hassle out of unpacking in your new home.


Making a floor plan

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While of course it will help to have as accurate a floor plan as possible, even a fairly rough version can be useful. In some cases, you may be able to request a basic floor plan from your estate agent, which will have all the necessary measurements, so this is the best option.

What you can then do, well in advance of moving day, is start to plan out where you want all your heavy and bulky furniture and appliances. With an accurate plan you will be able to know in advance where things will fit too, so you can effectively arrange all your rooms well ahead of time.

This means that when moving day arrives and you reach your new home, you can direct your removal men to unload all your heavy items to the locations (or as near as possible) on your floor plan. Once all your appliances and furniture are in place, you will only have to shift them around a little bit, if at all, and can then forget about them.

This will leave you to focus on the rest of the unpacking, and means you won’t have to start dragging heavy things around from room to room after at the end of an already exhausting relocation.


Planning your packing to work with your floor plan

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You can take your floor plan one step further and make sure that you clearly label all your boxes when packing too. All contents should be labeled, but as an extra time save, try labeling all boxes with the room they belong in. Once again, this will mean that you can get your removal company to unload all your packed items into the right rooms once you’ve arrived at your new home.


Doing this will also help your removal men to work faster. Normally, they pack the upstairs of a house first, followed by the downstairs, with the goods form the first room to be unpacked on arrival packed into the van last. If all your boxes are clearly labeled, this will help them keep the packing very organized, and as a result, make the pack and unpack a lot quicker.


Other time savers and helpful options

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Generally, the sooner you sort out your floor plan and organize a packing schedule, the easier your move will be, as you will be ready for moving day and not have to deal with any last minute packing.

To make your unpacking much more pleasant, it can also be a good idea to make sure the last thing you pack is an ‘essentials’ box. This box should contain things such as a basic pot and pan for cooking, some easy to prepare cooking ingredients, knives forks and other cutlery, plates, and so on. This way, once you have arrived, not only will all of your goods be pretty much where they should be, leaving you to simply unpack and arrange them, you can also take a little bit of time to relax and enjoy your new home, get refreshed and start the unpacking at your own pace.

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