Get Moving Secrets…

Have you ever been jealous of people who make moving look like it’s a breeze? These people often know a few special moving secrets that make moving so much easier for them. Here are some of the moving secrets that the professionals use every day to help make the moving process so much easier.

  • Get moving quotes as soon as you can! Moving companies book up fast, so as soon as you know you’re moving, and around what date you’ll be moving, get some quotes for moving from moving companies nearby or of convenience.
  • Take measurements! Get measurements of your current rooms and measurements of the size of the rooms you’re moving in to so that you know how much room you’ll have. Let the movers know your requirements while asking for quotes.
  • Use graph paper! Once you’ve gotten the measurements of the rooms and of larger pieces of furniture, like couches, translate each foot into one square on graph paper. Then cut out graph paper that represents the furniture and you can arrange your new home before you even get there, saving you tons of time.
  • Much like you got moving quotes early on, arrange for your utilities to be hooked up in your new location early on as well. Hooking up your telephone early on is also extremely important, even if you have a cell phone, as you never know what your coverage will be like in your new location.
  • Sell! One huge trick that people who are frequent movers use is to sell all unnecessary things. Have a large yard sale and include everything that you haven’t used in at least six months.
  • Overlap! Try to make sure you overlap the time when your current lease or mortgage ends and when the new one starts. This gives you time to get into the new home to clean it and time to clean out your old home thoroughly.

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